Ministry Schedules

May 28-September 10, 2023

Sunday Lectionary Year A, Daily Office Lectionary Year 1.

Lawn Mowing: Cut the grass on Thursday, Friday or Saturday if possible so that it looks nice on your Sunday. For example, if you are scheduled for Sunday, May 22, do the lawn on May 19, 20, or 21.

Sunday Lector Usher Serv 1/2 Lawn Altar PryCha Notes PWH - Rides 2nd and 4th Sundays
May 28 Dawn Jeff Pete Fr. Dennis 4 Dawn Pentecost Wayne/Wayne
June 4 Pam Paul Bob Fr.Chris/Dick 1 Stephenie Trinity Sunday x
June 11 Paul Jeff Paul Wayne 2 Dcn. Ralph Proper 5a Dawn/Wayne
June 18 Beth Bob Beth Perry 3 Tina Proper 6a x
June 25 Wayne Jeff Pete Pete 4 Fr. Dean Foundation Day Wayne/Wayne
July 2 Tina Paul Bob Fr. Dennis 1 Fr. Dennis Proper 8a x
July 9 Dawn Jeff Beth Fr. Chris/Dick 2 Dawn Proper 9a Dawn/Wayne
July 16 Pam Bob Paul Wayne 3 Stephenie Proper 10a x
July 23 Paul Jeff Pete Perry 4 Dcn. Ralph Proper 11a Wayne/Wayne
July 30 Beth Paul Beth Pete 5 Tina Proper 12a x
Aug 6 Wayne Bob Bob Fr. Dennis 1 Fr. Dean Proper 13a x
Aug 13 Tina Jeff Paul Fr. Chris/Dick 2 Fr. Dennis Proper 14a Dawn/Wayne
Aug 20 Dawn Paul Pete Wayne 3 Dawn Proper 15a  x
Aug 27 Pam Jeff Bob Perry 4 Stephenie Proper 16a Wayne/Wayne
Sep 3 Beth Bob Beth Pete 1 Dcn. Ralph Proper 17a x
Sep 10 Paul Jeff Paul Fr. Dennis 2 Tina Proper 18a Dawn/Wayne