Ministry Schedules

May 9, 2021- August 22, 2021

Sunday Lectionary Year B, Daily Office Lectionary Year 1

Readings and prayers of the people are availablke on line at, highlight "prayers and readings" then "iccec lectionary."

Lawn: Have the Lawn done for that sunday (For example, if you sign up for Sunday, May 23, cut the lawn on THE friday or saturday before)

Sunday Lector Usher Serv 1/2 Lawn Altar PryChapel Notes
May 9 Beth Paul Beth/xxx xx 2 Ralph Easter 6b
May 16 Ellen Bob Pete Fr. Chris 3 Ellen Easter 7b
May 23 Dawn Dick Bob Perry 4 Dawn Pentecost
May 30 Pam Jim Dennis xx 5 Jennifer Trinity Sunday
June 6 Paul Paul Linda Fr. Chris 1 Ralph Begin Ordinary Time - Proper 5b
June 13 Tina Bob Beth xx 2 Tina Proper 6b
June 20 Beth Dick Pete Dennis 3 Ellen Proper 7b
June 27 Ellen Jim Bob xx 4 Dawn CEC Foundation Day
July 4 Dawn Paul Dennis Perry 1 Jennifer Proper 9b
July 11 Pam Bob Linda xx 2 Ralph Proper 10b
July 18 Paul Dick Beth Dennis 3 Tina Proper 11b
July 25 Tina Jim Pete xx 4 Ellen Proper 12b
August 1 Beth Paul Bob Perry 1 Dawn Proper `13b
August 8 Ellen Bob Dennis xx 2 Jennifer Proper 14b
August 15 Dawn Dick Linda Dennis 3 Ralph Propeer 16b
August 22 Pam Jim Beth xx 4 Tina Proper 17b