Membership and Confirmation (Reception)

Those wishing to become members of Bread of Life and members of the Charismatic Episcopal Church are encouraged to complete this five-part teaching series. This is a series of sermons taught by Fr. Chris Keough, Pastor at Bread of Life. Entitled "Non Nobis Domine" (Not to us, O Lord - Psalm 115:1), the series teaches the history, belief and practice of the CEC. Worksheets are available for each part of the series and can be downloaded here as well. The book "Non Nobis Domine" may be ordered directly from the author at

General Requirements for MEMBERSHIP in Bread of Life (speak to one of our priests for detailed information and to begin the membership process):

  1. Regular attendance at Sunday worship and participation in church life and events as much as your situation will allow;
  2. Completion of the Sermon series for new members, either in person or using the on line sermons;
  3. Embracing a habit of prayer and seeking God's plan for your life; Discerning the will of God in all things using the principles of Consenus Government by the Holy Spirit.
  4. Acceptance of Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, and baptism with water into his Kingdom (those baptized previously need not be baptized again);
  5. Support of the life and ministry of the church through financial offerings
  6. Members may serve on sub-comittees of the Rector's Council or Parish Council (although only those Confirmed or Received by the Bishop may serve as regular Council members). Members enjoy the fellowship of the congregation, participation in outreach and other ministries, answer the call to spread the saving love of Jesus, and the prayers and love of the body of Christ.

After completing the teaching series after at least nine months of regular attendance, one may make application to become a member at Bread of Life. Applications are reviewed by the Rector's Council, and new members our welcomed in a Sunday morning special ceremony.

The natural progression of Membership is that one should seek to be a Confirmed Member of the CEC.

General Requirements for CONFIRMATION or RECEPTION and membership in the Charismatic Episcopal Church (speak to the Rector for detailed information and to begin the Confirmation process):

Confirmation is not just about having increased privliges, but it is a spiritual and deeper committment to God, to one's faith, and to living that faith out in this Christian Community. The requirements to be a Confirmed member of the Charismatic Epsicopal Church are the same as those above for those desiring membership in Bread of Life. Those who have been previously Confirmed in valid apostolic succesion will be Received (not Confirmed again). In addition, to be Confirmed or Received, one must embrace the following:

  1. Make a public declaration of one's faith and acceptance of the Doctrine and worship of the International Communion of the Charismatic Episcopal Church. This is done in a Liturgy where one is Confirmed by a Bishop by the laying on of hands and anointing with oil.
  2. Accept and proclaim the sanctity of every human life, from Conception to natural death
  3. Acceptance of the Tithe as the standard of giving as taught by The Charismatic Episcopal Church

CONFIRMED and RECEIVED MEMBERS of the CEC are eligible to participate in Canonical ministries of the church. Participation is based on one's individual gifts for the ministry in question and may require some training. These ministries generally include:

  1. Rector's or Vicar's Council (men)
  2. Parish Council (men and women)
  3. Sacramental ministries (Chalice bearer, Eucharistic minister, men seeking ordination)
  4. Commissioned Ministries (e. g. Pastoral ministries, Lay Administrator, men as a subdeacon)
  5. Teachers of Adult, Child, and nursery classes
  6. Diocesan committees and councils
  7. Provincial comittees and councils
  8. National committees and councils
  9. International Committees and Councils


On-Line New Member Course

Audio (mp3 format) Accompanying PDF file
Psalm 115:1, Non Nobis Domine (Part 1) Non Nobis Domine 1-1
Psalm 115:1, Non Nobis Domine (Part 2) Non Nobis Domine 2-1
Psalm 115:1, Non Nobis Domine (Part 3) Non Nobis Domine 3-1
Psalm 115:1, Non Nobis Domine (Part 4) Non Nobis Domine 4-1
Psalm 115:1, Non Nobis Domine (Part 5) Non Nobis Domine 5-1